To write love on her arms.

Hi, I'm Foxy . Belgium. Vous n’avez pas des os en verre, vous pouvez vous cogner a la vie. Je suis petite, mais forte. ♥♔ honest and loyal. live curious. Also, I'm in love with my organized chaos and I'm too tiny for a heart this big.

Cheeky, clumsy & sometimes literally blonde. geek. love life, friends & family. my dogs. animals. comics chick. serie/movies. Nintendo. nostalgic/oldschool stuff. longboard. Pixar&Disney. Star Wars. Pokémon. video games. McDonalds. the little things. tea. music. I love so many things. let's talk. And oh, I'm in love with Doctor Who and SNL.

Curious and curiouser. Speak up./About me/Personal tumblr/Info/My comics/Formspring questions/Archive/RSS

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